248009 Russia, Kaluga,
Grabtsevskoe shosse, build. 33


Oka-RegionService Ltd. was founded on 2nd August, 2004 by Alexey Skrebkov (General Director), Igor Ludin (Executive Director).

Sectors of activities

The companys main sectors of activities are installation, commissioning, reconstruction and maintenance of process equipment (compressors, pumps and vents, food and drink processing plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, etc.). The company has also obtained a permit to do repair, welding and installation works to boiler house equipment and grain handling and processing plants and car-making factories as well as trade-center constuction.


Oka-RegionService Ltd. has a positive experience in co-operation with design and expert institutions, namely:

- design institute PI-8, City of Kaluga;
- expert institution for highly hazardous production areas corporation Centavr, City of Moscow.

Production facilities

All works are done by a highly qualified and experienced personnel (over 5 years of experience in the above mentioned industries and with foreign companies). Works are done with modern tools and equipment from well known manufacturers: Georg Fischer, Z-Master, Hitachi, Makita, etc.

Our production facilities include mobile workshops, storage and office containers, which allow us to start work without delay on newly organized sites, without compromising its quality.



Appendix -1-40-02-27-0-4029030742-001893-1 to Federal Licence -1-40-02-27-0-4029030742-001420-1 is obtained regarding the expansion of the company activities for General Contractor works, electrical and lighting works, works to gas plants and equipment, steam and water boilers, grain handling and processing plants.